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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1004 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1004 Start

Claire said: “Then please don’t hang up. After a beep, you will comment on my service. 1 is very satisfied, 2 is satisfied, and 3 is not satisfied.”

Charlie wailed: “1! Very satisfied!”

Claire said with satisfaction: “Thank you for your comments. That’s all for today’s connection. See you next time.”


This night, Charlie slept very unsteadily.

Although he has only been promoted by one level, this is the first time he has been in bed with Claire since he married Claire.

Of course, although the same bed is the same, there is no chance to sleep together. Two people use their own pillows and sleep on their own quilts.

Charlie really didn’t dare to cross the middle 38th line, otherwise he would really have to drop one level on the spot, wouldn’t it be because he didn’t cry without tears?

Claire actually didn’t fall asleep for a long time, and she felt very nervous in her heart.

Although she and Charlie slept in their own blankets and didn’t have any skin-to-skin touch, she still felt that her heartbeat was very fast.

Well, this is after all the first time she shared a bed with a man since she shared a room with her parents when she was young.

It’s not strange that she does feel nervous.

In this way, the two people suffered from insomnia for a long time before going to sleep one after another.

Early the next morning, Charlie opened his eyes, Claire beside him was gone.

Hearing the sound of the shower coming from the bathroom, Charlie knew that Claire was taking a shower.

Claire is a girl who loves cleanliness, and basically takes a bath every morning and evening, and Charlie has already been surprised.

He stretched and was about to get up when the phone under his pillow suddenly buzzed.

He took out his cell phone and found that it was actually a call from Xiaofen.

After answering the call, Xiaofen’s anxious voice came from over there: “Brother Charlie, there is an accident in the orphanage!”

Charlie hurriedly asked, “What’s going on?! What happened to the welfare institution? Don’t worry about it go slowly.”

Xiaofen choked up and said, “Ten children were lost! Suspected they were stolen!”

“What?!” Charlie was both anxious and angry when he heard that the child in the welfare home would be stolen. He hurriedly asked: “Xiaofen, tell me specifically, what is going on?”

Xiaofen hurriedly said: “This morning, the aunt in charge of infants and young children in the day shift went to work with the aunt in the night shift, and found that the aunt in the night shift was sleeping unconsciously. All the ten children in one room were gone. She was given a strong anaesthetic!”

Charlie was furious, and he scolded: “Someone is too bold to do it, even dare to steal the children of the orphanage?!”

Xiaofen cried and said: “This kind of thing happened before, but we discovered it in time before. Now human traffickers are particularly rampant. Not only do they dare to steal from the orphanage, they also dare to steal from the hospital, and steal from people’s homes. They even robbed other people’s children on the street!”

After speaking, Xiaofen said again: “The main reason is that this business is too profitable for them. Any child can sell for about 100,000. If it is the kind of beautiful child, these rich people cannot give birth. Children who are even willing to pay a high price…”

Charlie hurriedly asked, “What’s the situation now? Did you call the police?”

Xiaofen hurriedly said: “Aunt Lena and the dean have called the police a long time ago, and the case has been opened for investigation, but the police said that they speculated that the night shift aunt was anesthetized at around 3 in the morning, that is, they stole the child. Four hours have passed now, and they may have left Aurous Hill or even the province in these four hours!”