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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1002 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1002 Start

Charlie said helplessly: “There is no child between these two people. We are both normal people, and we are not infertile. It is a joke to always have no children, just in case you think you are not fertile. , Don’t you want to look down.”

Claire curled her lips and said, “Then when someone asks me, I will tell them that you have no fertility. Isn’t that all right?”

Having said that, Claire said again: “Besides, you know that you have just reached the second level now. Do you know how many levels you have a child?”

Charlie said immediately: “I must be the third level!”

Claire hummed: “You want to be beautiful!”

After all, Claire picked up her quilt from the floor, threw it on top of him, and said, “One person, one quilt, you are not allowed to cross the boundary! Hands, feet, body, hair, nowhere. If you cross the boundary, you will be downgraded!”

Charlie could only say helplessly: “Well, well, I know, I must not cross the boundary, is this not enough?”

Claire smiled shyly and said: “This is pretty much the same.”

After speaking, she opened her quilt, turned her back to Charlie, and lay on the bed.

As soon as Claire got into bed, she wrapped himself tightly, blushing as if she was about to bleed, glanced at Charlie, and quickly turned her head over.

At this moment, Charlie wanted to hug her and give her a k!ss.

However, since the respect for such a long time has come, why should he be anxious and disobey her?

In any case, he has been promoted to one level, and being able to lie on the same bed with her is a huge improvement. In the days to come, he will perform well, and will be able to reach another level.

Maybe when he gets to the next level, two people can sleep in one bed.

Thinking of this, he felt a lot of joy suddenly.

Claire dared not look at him, reached out her hand to turn off the light, and said, “It’s getting late, go to bed.”

After the light was turned off, the bedroom was dark, and he couldn’t see fingers. It was so quiet that he could hear clearly as if a needle fell on the ground.

Charlie could clearly hear Claire’s breathing, and her breathing was a bit rapid. It seemed that she should be very nervous at this time.

If Claire usually falls asleep, her breathing is very even and gentle.

So Charlie asked her: “Wife, are you still up?”

Claire asked, “What’s wrong?”

Charlie was also a little nervous, and hurriedly said, “It’s nothing, I just want to chat with you.”

Claire said, “What do you want to talk about? Tell me.”

Charlie smiled, turned his head to look at Claire’s outline, and asked: “My wife, how is your company running recently?”

Claire said: “It’s not bad. Emgrand Group and several other companies have given some orders. I am designing them one by one and looking for people to construct them. Now the overall situation has improved and the company’s account has already The payment of several million is only an advance payment. If I finish the current projects, the payment should exceed 10 million.”

Charlie was surprised and said, “Wow, my wife, you are amazing. How long has it been since you made 10 million into the account!”

Claire said: “10 million is just an account, and the actual profit is only about 2 million. This 2 million is not as much as you can earn by showing others a feng shui.”

With that, Claire hurriedly said to Charlie: “By the way, you should never tell mom about the numbers that I just told you. If mom knows that the company has millions in the account, she will definitely get wrong ideas!”

Charlie hurriedly said: “My wife, I listen to you, and I will never say a word to her!”

After speaking, Charlie asked again: “Wife, you see that I have performed so well, can you raise me to the next level now?”