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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1001 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1001 Start

Seeing that Claire went to the bathroom of the bedroom to take a shower, Charlie went to the guest bathroom on the same floor to take a shower.

This is good for living in a villa. There are so many bathrooms, so there is no need to line up.

Charlie took a bath faster, and when Claire came out of the bathroom, he had already finished the bath and was lying on the bed.

Claire saw Charlie, who was wearing a vest and shorts, lying on his back on the bed. She was surprised for a moment before blurting out, “Why you sleep on the bed?”

Charlie smiled and said, “Wife, didn’t you say it was done earlier, should I be promoted? Some time ago, mom went to engage in MLM, which delayed my promotion. Now that she is back, you can’t stop me from being promoted. Right?”

“I…” Claire was suddenly embarrassed.

She didn’t know how to answer Charlie’s question.

Indeed, she had promised him that she would be promoted to a higher level without having to sleep on the floor.

But she and Charlie had never been so close.

I really didn’t have the psychological preparation for this.

However, the words came back again.

During this period of time, Claire’s favor with Charlie has been rapidly heating up.

Especially today, seeing Charlie hit Jiang Ming, seeing him donating 1 million to the orphanage, seeing Charlie solve the job for a good brother, and let him go to the pinnacle of life…

Charlie tonight is like an omnipotent male god in her eyes.

Sometimes, she feel very heart-warming. That may be the feeling of love.

Thinking of this, her face immediately turned red, and against the dim light of the bedroom, she looked even more charming.

Charlie looked at her shame, and his heart was full of love.

This is my beloved wife, like a ray of sunshine in life, warming my heart.

Claire looked at Charlie with red eyes, and after a while, she said shyly: “You can upgrade to one level, but you can only upgrade to one level, that’s it!”

Charlie hurriedly asked: “My wife, what do you mean by this? What does it mean to only be promoted to one level?”

Claire said: “From today you will sleep on the bed, but this bed is divided into two, male left and female right. Without my permission, you must not cross the boundary, otherwise you will be downgraded to one level.”

Charlie said with a sad face, “Wife, what does it mean to drop one level?”

Claire glanced at him for nothing, and said, “You know what it means to be promoted. Don’t you know what it means to be lowered?”

Charlie asked depressed, “Should I go back to sleep on the floor if I drop one level?”

“Yes!” Claire said triumphantly: “If you do not behave well, you will drop one level to sleep on the floor. If you do not perform well, you will drop one level to sleep in the guest room. Anyway, our villa has a lot of rooms. Yes.”

Charlie was about to cry and said, “Wife, can you tell me what the next level is? When can I go up to the next level?”

Claire blushed with a pretty face, and said, “What is the next level will be kept secret for now. As for when we can go up to the next level, you have to wait for notification from the superior.”

With that said, Claire patted his chest again, and said grinning: “I am your superior, and all interpretation rights belong to me.”

Charlie was very depressed, and said, “My wife, you must have heard what Aunt Lena said today. Aunt Lena is really looking forward to having a baby soon. We can’t live up to Aunt Lena’s wish!”

“Don’t come here!” Claire stomped with embarrassment: “Who is going to give birth? Whoever wants to have a baby with you, you will find someone to give birth to, anyway, I don’t have a baby.”