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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1000 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1000 Start

It can be seen how desperate he is at this moment.

When Elaine saw this, the victor’s posture became more obvious, and she said contemptuously: “Jacob, you’re a dmn Old Master, you’re a fcking man, come with me. Why, in front of a girl, you want to win sympathy. Do you want me to tell you about your love affairs in front of daughter?”

After that, before Jacob could answer, she sneered and said, “You Jacob were the school’s famous person back then. The matter between you and Meiqing is also known to the whole school, but you, someone like you, obviously has a girlfriend. Still messing with flowers and weeds outside, attacking me and ruining my innocence. Now you wasted half of my life, and talking about divorcing me. There are so many s*umbags in the world, but who can beat you?”

Jacob only felt that his heart was violently hit by a train.

At this moment he realized that he might not be able to beat this woman in his life.

With her, it is impossible to find true happiness in this life.

As a result, he changed from whispering to howling.

Claire was also depressed by the situation before her.

She suddenly realized that she had never wanted to divorce her parents before, but the result of the two of them not divorcing must be the endless quarrel like today.

In this way, neither of them will be happy.

If life is like this in the future, even she doesn’t feel any light…

At this time, she suddenly received Elsa’s WeChat message, which read: “Claire, I just went to Tomson. Before I even entered, I heard uncles and aunt arguing. The quarrel seemed to be quite fierce. Would you like to go back and take a look?”

Claire hurriedly said, “I have already returned.”

Elsa said again: “That’s good. By the way, I’d better stay in the hotel these days, otherwise it would be too embarrassing.”

Claire was also very sorry.

Originally, it was to let a good girlfriend live in her own home, so that she would not stay in the hotel alone.

But who would have thought that when she had just moved here, her father would entertain her first love at home.

He had just treated his first love, and her mother had disappeared again.

Now mother has finally found herself back, and the two of them will start fighting when they get home. If they change to be her, I am afraid they will hide far away…

Thinking of this, she had to sigh and micro-channel Elsa back: “I’m sorry Elsa, you can come back when the family affairs are almost done.”

Elsa said hurriedly: “You don’t need to worry about me for now, and take care of family affairs.”

In fact, Elsa had always envied Claire before, after all, she could find a good man like Charlie.

But now, she suddenly wasn’t so envious.

Because her family is really weird, if you let yourself live in such a family atmosphere, I’m afraid it would collapse long ago.

At this time, Jacob had already cried and went back to the room. Elaine saw that he had escaped, and lost the interest in continuing to behave. She said triumphantly: “Oh, I’m going to take a good bath in my big bathtub. I sleep in Tomson Villa! Hahaha!”

Seeing parents went back to their respective rooms, Claire said to Charlie frustratedly: “Hey, I’m really tired, and my head hurts to death. I also go back to the room to take a bath, otherwise I really will collapse… ..”

Charlie thought that he was going to be promoted to one level tonight, and hurriedly followed with a smiley face…