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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 100 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 100 Start

“Two bosses, I was coming out in a hurry today, and I took the wrong bottle.”

“You got it wrong?” Charlie smiled, and picked up a snuff bottle full of mud, digging into the mud on the bottle mouth with his hand, shone it to the sun, and said with a seriousness: “This is not wrong. It is made in Sioux City.”

In the snuff bottle, there was a row of small transparent characters.

“Made by Suzhou Crafts Factory.”

“I don’t know how to read, who knows what’s written on it.” The boss saw that he didn’t even do business. He sneered and wrapped the oiled paper cloth and wanted to grease the soles of his feet.

This time Jacob was completely in his senses, and he was so angry after realizing that he was treated like a monkey for a long time.

He grabbed the boss and roared.

“You liar, return the money to me.”

“What kind of money, I have never seen you before.” The boss struggled hard, and from the oil paper cloth he was holding in his hand, fake copper coins and fake jade horses kept dropping.

The jade horse fell on the ground without breaking. It seems to be made of hardened plastic.

“If you don’t refund the money, I’ll call the police!” Jacob screamed, his lungs exploded with anger.

Between the two pullings, a thing suddenly fell from the boss’s arms.

At the moment this thing fell, Charlie frowned suddenly and stared at the things on the ground.

This thing is a fist-sized white pebble, just like the pebble on the river beach, gray and matt.

But one difference is that this cobblestone is carved with the words “safe and rich!”

The fonts are crude and shoddy, and at first glance, they are carved up manually.

This kind of engraved stone is everywhere in the scenic area, and it is not worth any money. No wonder the boss didn’t put it out just now.

However, Charlie walked up with a stride, picked up the stone, and the blood all over his body suddenly boiled.

Just now, he felt a different kind of breath exuding from this antique!

Said it is breath, in fact, it is more like a kind of energy, a kind of magnetic field, which has produced a strong attraction to him.

Charlie knew that this should be the spiritual energy recorded in the Nine Profound Heavenly Secrets!

Aura is a mysterious energy that has been lost for a long time. It can not only completely transform a person’s physical fitness, but can even cultivate and produce many incredible effects for ordinary people!

Charlie was overjoyed, calmly weighed the pebbles in his hand, and asked, “Is this yours?”

The boss froze for a moment, and nodded subconsciously, “Yes.”

“How to sell this stone?”

Jacob was also surprised and asked, “Why did you buy this broken stone! Don’t you know that this profiteer sells all fakes!”

“It’s just a piece of stone. It’s okay to buy one and go back to be unlucky.” Charlie said with a smile.

The boss took the opportunity to break away from Jacob’s hand and sneered at Charlie: “Do you really want to buy?”

Charlie nodded: “I do!”

The boss suddenly became energetic, and said eloquently, “Brother, you are really insightful! Don’t look at my pebble, but it is of extraordinary origin. It was placed on the Dragon Case in Lord Qiandi’s study. Paperweight”

Charlie didn’t have time to listen to his long talk and interrupted impatiently.

“Don’t talk to me about these and some, just come to the point!”

The boss laughed and said, “Since you are an expert, then 20,000!”

Charlie said disdainfully: “You want money crazy, right? One price, three hundred! If you don’t sell, I will call the police to arrest you.”

“Three hundred?” The boss sighed and said with a dry smile: “Brother, you are a person who knows the goods. Three hundred is three hundred.”

Charlie smiled slightly and pinched the stone in his hand.

Jacob was puzzled. He didn’t know why he bought such a broken stone. Just about to ask a question, there was a screaming voice next to him.

“Yeah, this stone is good, my master wants it!”